Teach Coding, Technology and Computers

Why Learn To Code With TEKcentral

We cover all aspects of S.T.E.A.M - S.T.E.M with Art/Creativity


Young people are natural scientists because for them its all about observing, questioning, predicting, designing and experimenting.


Any product that young people create to solve a problem is technology therfore its all about learning to be creative with technology


Engineering is designing, crafting and building. It helps young people understand the how and why to solve problems.


A creative mindset is critical and important for sensory exploration.
Creative arts support cognitive development.


Math is number and operations, measuring and patterns, geometry and spatial sense and integrates with all other aspects.

Reach for the Stars with TEKcentral.....

Weekly afterschool classes for primary and post-primary young people, covering all aspects of computers, coding and technology.It is a progressive learning experience.

We also run workshops and courses in Schools and Libraries. 

We hold Summer, Easter, Halloween fun learning camps, keep an eye on our facebook page for regular updates.

Classes will lay the foundations for lifelong digital literacy. It is one thing to know how to use technology but it is entirely different to understand the logic behind it.

Lets future proof our young people !!


Classes are currently held in :

  • Wexford Town

  • Returning soon to Enniscorthy, Gorey and New Ross.

TEKcentral at a glance……

  • Engineers with teachers diplomas !
  • Encourage experimentation as a learning tool !
  • Empower 21st century learning !
  • Love being called nerds !
  • Create all our own lesson plans !
  • Classes are currently suitable for young people in primary school !
  • Harvest a love of all things technical while developing kids creativity !
  • Use the engineering design process as a way to develop problem solving skills!
  • We also run gaming events and parties – this encourages fun and social engagement

TEKcentral is led by Frank Turner and Niamh Bierney both of whom are qualified engineers, with a combined industrial experience of over 40 years in the electronic engineering, design and development, software and diagnostics development, manufacturing technology, test and failure analysis areas within the aerospace, defence, spacecraft industries, gas detection and green technology sectors. Having been directly involved and responsible for high-end research and new product design for manufacture (DFM), for creating and programming (coding) manufacturers product test diagnostics, for prototyping and failure analysis diagnostics (debugging). They have a real passion for all things to do with computer science and for teaching others about their world of computers, engineering and technology.

  • Professional
  • Welcoming
  • Highly Skilled
  • Proven Record
  • Creative Learning
  • STEAM Concepts
  • Expert Knowledge Base
  • Fun Learning Space
  • Skilled Professionals
  • Locations all across the South East